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Why you should speech-enable your clinical documentation now?


Make it easy and fast to use the EPR because usability is key to clinical engagement

Engagement and enablement of clinicians is key to making the most of the £4.2 billion investment to support the digitisation of the NHS. One healthcare IT tool which has been shown to improve clinician job satisfaction and quality care, and ensure EPRs are complete and accurate, is speech recognition software.

Download our ePaper & infographic describing why it makes sense to give clinicians a voice. Find out how a speech-enabled clinical documentation process supports:

Continuity and quality of care
Clinician satisfaction
Usability within the EHR

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When documentation becomes a natural by-product of quality care. Beyond words.

From the first word to the last code, Nuance is redefining the way clinicians interact with clinical documentation. Visit us online or call +44 7887 051154 to learn how to make clinical documentation a more natural part of the clinician’s workflow.

Get the ePaper & infographic
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