Over 70% rate processing of patient documentation as a significant burden

We make it easy and fast to update your electronic patient records


Well-documented and accurate patient records are a fundamental part of delivering quality healthcare. But the escalating amount of clinical documentation required to document, organize and manage patient care, meet medico-legal requirements, analyse performance and provide quality services, burden GP surgeries and put high pressure on practice members from front-office to GP to practice managers.

Existing tools and services can help make it easy to digitise processes, but the survey showed resistance to introduce new methods caused by the lack of information and caution to embrace IT.

Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition is a powerful speech to text tool that helps you improve the completeness and accuracy of patient records and your experience in documenting care within the medical record and winning back 30 minutes or more of your time each day.

In fact, we make the clinical narrative so fast, so accurate, and so seamless that clinicians experience substantially greater satisfaction.

Did you know that Dragon Medical Practice Edition…

…is easy and fast to install and run?
And our network of Nuance certified partners makes it even easier for you. Using their experience of GP systems and work practices they’ll integrate Dragon Medical tightly into your practice workflows and every day documentation and train you and your team to make the most out of it from day one.
…pays back your investment within weeks?
Waterloo Medical Group has saved £15,000 in 12 months by speeding up clinical document turnaround times and boosting accuracy with speech recognition software.
…releases everyone in the practice from mundane day-to-day administration?
It frees people up to focus on what matters most – the patients and on the level of service the practice can offer them.
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“Dragon Medical’s accuracy makes the continuity of care a lot easier to achieve. It helps create letters that are coherent and can be read at-a glance. Both medically and legally, I feel much more comfortable with the quality and accuracy of letters produced using Dragon Medical.”
Liz Brittlebank, Practice Manager at Wellspring Medical Practice.

“Stress levels have been reduced, we’ve made excellent cost savings, we’re better able to cope with rising patient numbers, letter turnaround times are down, and, more than anything, our medical documentation is more complete and accurate than before.”
Chris Watson, Practice Manager at Waterloo Medical Group

“Although there was some debate over the costs versus the benefits of speech recognition, once we calculated the actual savings in terms of GP time and increased staffing efficiencies, speech recognition was a no brainer for us. With the savings the technology brought along, the return on investment was as little as 6 months.”
Jonathan McCutcheon, Practice Manager at Benfield Park Medical Group

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