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It will never work!

That's what many doctors were saying before trying the voice recognition software.

Many hospitals are now turning to speech recognition to support their practice in creating patient documents. Beyond the speed advantage of using speech-enabled clinical documentation, talking through the patients history enable doctors to provide a clearer insight into the patient’s habits and lifestyle.

Read now how Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital uses speech to text software to transform their services, overcoming physician resistance to the technology to help changing work processes for the benefit of all stake holders – from clinicians to patients:

Records created in real time and immediately made available to both patients and GPs
Dictating medical information into a record or edit a prescription without using a keyboard saves time and makes Electronic Medical Records easier to use
“Doctors who haven't yet been equipped keep asking us for this Voice Recognition that their colleagues are so excited about,” says Olivier Boussekey.
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Are you too fighting the Clinical Documentation Challenge?

Few would challenge the view that accuracy and completeness of clinical documentation is essential for integrated, effective, efficient and safe delivery of care but until today there has been little research which extends through the patient and process factors to point to the wider economic implications for health organisations.

Nuance commissioned local healthcare specialists to provide insight for acute providers at a time when many are on the cusp of making significant technology investments in electronic patient records (EPRs) and other e-health initiatives.

Download the full Clinical Documentation Challenge reports here:

  1. Clinical Documentation Challenge Report England
  2. Les défis de la documentation médicale en France
  3. Der klinische Dokumentationsreport Deutschland
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